Sunday, September 10, 2006

Crab Yolk Fried Rice with Water Chestnut and Minced Pork

這個星期, 累極了, 辦公室的, 学校的, 透不過气來... 今個週末空閒時間雖然不多, 但總要花点, 好好地對待自己...

今天到街市, 碰到有海青蟹供應。 對! 是漁家從海捕來的, 是這裡東涌的特色之一。一般街市買到, 都是魚場飼養, 欠缺應有的鮮甜味道。大嶼山海岸一帶, 仍有少部份漁家, 產量不多, 我相信絕大部份都是供給本地用家為主。

我買了一隻羔蟹, 有大半斤重, 買了些半肥腩肉, 攪碎。 對! 本來, 用人手硺是最好的, 但實在太累啦。也買來幾顆馬蹄... 看似是做羔蟹肉餅哩? 醉翁之意不在酒...

先將蟹洗淨, 海蟹特別多泥, 要用多兩成功力。然後起羔, 將蟹斬成四件, 待用。

將馬蹄切碎, 打勻一隻雞蛋。然後將蟹羔、馬蹄、雞蛋和豬肉輕輕地撈起來, 加少量海鹽及生磨胡椒粉, 再將蟹件放上面, 強火蒸15分鐘。

一碟馬蹄羔蟹蒸肉餅, 就此完成...

等一等! 今次的主角, 不是蟹粉炒飯嗎?

將蟹件拿起, 將肉餅輕輕弄散。 準備少許薑絲, 將飯預先煮好及打鬆。人家喜歡用隔夜飯炒, 我不喜歡, 因為隔夜飯太乾了。只要煮飯的時候, 將水量收減些少便成。

用強火起鑊, 爆薑絲, 隨即落飯及肉餅, 少許海鹽及生磨胡椒粉, 炒3-4分鐘。收火前落些碎葱, 即成!

今晚一個人享用... 因為, 偶然獨食, 是minimalist cooking的最高境界噢!



Blogger GM5 said...


1:11 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous mimi said...


1:14 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

偶然不太minimal, 也是minimalist cooking的最高境界噢!

對, 可能是獨食的緣故, 今天肚子有点失控...

7:53 PM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:36 PM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

Btw, how do you say "羶" in English? Strong lamb flavor?

11:44 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous mimi said...

好平哦. city alumni/student 的offer..8k有個好正的ibm with 3年保養.


12:14 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

GM5, that's a really tough question. I know folks would just say smelly lamb, smelly this and smelly that.. you know, Chinese may be more creative when it comes to vocabs...maybe there's indeed a word for it and i just dunno.

Mimi, why not? That's the language I use when I talk to you. Hey, are things turning for the better now?

5:22 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

BTW, English vs Chinese, which sounds better to ya?

5:35 PM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

中菜用中文.. 番菜用番文 .. fusion 用 nicam ..

11:44 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Oh, I am in love with Portugese, of late. What am I supposed to do then?

12:03 AM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

What about Portugese Egg Tart?

12:30 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Mimi, did you say you/your mum can make great egg tarts?

Gosh, mid-week feels horrible...

10:28 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous mimi said...

you wana make/eat egg tart?

but then, i guess that you will lover her 馬蹄糕 more!!

it's simply perfect!

3:26 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Oh dear, can I marry your sister so that your mother can be my mother-in-law???

11:06 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous mimi said...


sure la..


let's pick a day and 過大禮

11:26 PM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...


11:51 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Are you sure? I mean, I wanna marry sister just because I wanna be the son-in-law of your mother... Ok, to make things simple, can I not marry your sister and still be the son-in-law of your mother?

12:23 PM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

Technically, you can marry mimi and be the son-in-law of mimi's mother. :p

12:35 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

More technically, I can marry your sister too and be a son-in-law of your mother. Is she available?

1:11 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous mimi said...

which one you mean sin?

i need to verify their status one by one.

u want 大姐姐or二姐姐?

三姐姐is not ok.

btw,click on my name and see the photos.

i like those pretty much.

1:52 PM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

I'm not sure if my sister is available or not. But, my mum is available. You can marry my mum and be my father.

2:16 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Sounds really weired! How can my daughter be older, substantially older, than me?

4:09 PM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

I don't know if you are older or younger than me.

But, you look substantially older than me.

4:38 PM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

Btw, I don't mind to have a father younger than me provided that he will give me pocket money, make great dishes for me, etc.

4:42 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Yeah, and I'd start abusing you, beating you up when you don't behave.

5:18 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous mimi said...

oh..i can agree no more!

can you marry my mum plz, KEV?

9:11 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

One at a time. Who and whose mum?

Oh dear! Is that the way you treat your mum?

11:23 PM GMT+8  
Blogger mi said...




11:36 PM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

半島月餅 are only available in Peninsula Boutique or Spring Moon Restaurant in Peninsula HK.

12:34 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Hey GM5, when is my order available? My longing is growing everyday.

1:31 AM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

They are available for sale now at Peninsula HK. But, your order is only available after I return to HK.

10:03 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Ter uma viagem agradável!

11:32 PM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:09 AM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

Muito obrigada!

12:27 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

como é seu desengate assim distante?

11:48 PM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

É grande!

10:45 AM GMT+8  

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