Friday, August 18, 2006

Garlic Kuruma Prawns, Soft-baked Like No Others

Last was a shopping/cooking weekend with my good friend Alexandra. We have both gone through a traumatic personal experience of late. Seriously hurt but somehow have recovered with a new strength. With no shortage of wine and empathy, we were there kind of celebrating a new life.

When friends come for dinner, things are usually kept as simple as they can be. Here's a typical treat I would offer. And so far response has been positive.

Garlic prawns are not uncommon. The most popular is the Chinese way. Quite simply, steaming with garlic, lots of it. Eat with soy sauce. Not a bad experience, but...

I have given it a new twist. By reducing the amount of garlic and introducing extra virgin olive oil and chillies, soft-bake instead of steam, the result is...!!!

Minimalist's ingredients:
1) Medium-sized Kuruma prawns;
2) pearl rice;
3) small amount of garlic, finely chopped, not pressed or crushed;
4) no more than one piece of chilli, deseeded and finely chopped; and
5) spring onion (optional), finely chopped.

Cook rice in a rice-cooker, with tiny bit of salt and a little more water than usual.

Mix garlic, chilli, ground pepper, extra virgin olive oil, a touch of sea-salt and, if needed, spring onion altogether. It will be the fillings for the prawns.

Slice the back of the prawns halfway open to leave room for fillings. Intectines should be removed carefully. To get the best results, remember to slice it from tail to head. Fill them up with the mixed ingredients.

Bring rice to the plate and place it evenly. Let the prawns sit lining up on the rice. Sprinkle it with few more drops of olive oil.

Pre-heat oven to 120C. Leave the whole plate in for 10 minutes. As it's being baked, the juice from the prawns, especially from their heads, will spill over and get soaked up by the rice. No single drop is wasted here.

Another round of extra virgin olive oil and ground pepper, it's ready to serve!

Best served with a nice bottle of sparkling.

Thanks Alexandra again for making the most artistic angles and sharing the food



Anonymous mimi said...

will it be even better if you serve it with drops of fresh lime juice?

11:20 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous 小巫 said...


9:44 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Hi 小巫, welcome on board!

It's great to see many tcsky folks back here!

Oh, how's Amy, by the way?

12:11 AM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...


12:42 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

mimi, I wouldn't recommend lime juice with prawns. Prawns are very delicate. Lime juice will simply overwhelm the taste.

GM5, no, that one is not. I did make 墨汁炒通菜 but result wasn't good.

1:15 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous mimi said...

u missed a great dinner last nite


11:09 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

How great was it? The bill? Restaurant food is never something I would miss, kakakaka.

2:23 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous mimi said...

xit's not just the food was great..everything...full of joy..

btw, have u been to the food-expo? or will go?

9:56 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous 小巫 said...

我都好耐無見amy... 嗚...

1:08 PM GMT+8  
Blogger IceCat in Seoul said...

Beautiful display of the shrimps. This dish reminds me of Shrimp Satays which can be grilled outdoor. I miss Asian BBQ food!

Garlic, chilli and olive oil! It sounds like a great marinate.

8:20 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Thanks for dropping by, ice-cat!

Yes, olive oil always goes well with prawns. 130C is also friendly for olive oil so that its flavour can be preserved.

How would Koreans do with prawns like those?

9:43 AM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

其實,個人認為白勺蝦最好食,真正做到minimalist cooking!

12:29 AM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

Did you edit the pictures? The prawns seem brighter now.

4:55 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Ah.... no, why?

11:24 PM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...


12:11 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

係咩係咩? 边隻啊?

12:18 AM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...


12:45 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

係咩係咩? 有幾橙啊?

1:15 AM GMT+8  

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