Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sauté Beef Shimeji Mushroom on the Green

White Shimeji mushrooms are getting very popular these days. Better still, large ones are now more easily available to the consumers and at a lower price. Thanks to globalisation. More high-quality produces are coming from Mainland China.

Here's one of my favourite ways to treat them...

Minimalist's ingredients:
Large white Shimeji mushrooms, rinsed and chopped;
Beef, chopped into slices or cubes; and
Fresh green vegetable of your choice.

Marinate beef with drops of extra virgin olive or peanut oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce, ground pepper and a teaspoon of corn flour.

Heat up the pan. Toss the beef onto it and leave it still for 10 seconds. Throw in the mushrooms. Stir them all a little bit and let the sauté process take place for no more than two minutes. Beef should quickly turn brownish while mushrooms soak up the juice from the beef. That's all we need.

Green vegetable should be boiled or steamed and sit ready.

Toss the sauté nicely over the green. Sprinkle a few more drops of soy sauce and it's done! Served with rice.

The whole process lasts for just half an hour. So it's great for dinner over a typical working weekday.



Blogger GM5 said...

Will the mushrooms soak up the blood from the beef as well?

10:41 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Yes, and yourself soaks up everything...

9:23 AM GMT+8  

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