Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cooking with a View

It's been years since I was on the road.

This picture was taken probably at my last road trip in Southern Australia. Don't remember exactly when or where as I have no habit of making a proper record. I do remember, however, how mesmerised I was by this very scenery. It has been my wallpaper ever since.

Taken on 35mm film (yes, film is strictly better than digital!)
at 28mm (more or less)
f/ and shutter speed.. don't really remember..

Using a circular polariser, the reflection from the lake surface is significantly reduced while colors become more saturated. The result is a spellbinding picture where it's hard to tell between the sky and the lake.

The earth, the sky, wilderness, freedom, tranquility, vastness of the mother nature... I'm counting days down to the next road trip. And hopefully I'll bring my cookware along!

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Blogger GM5 said...

The background music seems well-matched with this amazing picture. What does this song say?

12:48 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...


This song, written by Jobim and Chico Buarque has the Sabia (a small bird of the thrush family) as its theme and is an abundantly sentimental depiction of a love of nature and the saudade of missing Brazil. It won first prize in the International Song Festival in 1968. Sakamoto, who says that this is his "favorite Jobim composition," has included it here again after recording it on Casa as well. With his impressionistic approach he throws light on this famous song from a new angle, placing in relief the "family tree of music"

1:09 AM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

Any short-cut / books / websites recommended for improving my photographic skill? I'm counting days down to my next trip as well.

11:09 AM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Always use your heart, not the hand or eyes, to take photos. Just like cooking!

11:53 AM GMT+8  
Blogger GM5 said...

In that case, you don't need to buy those new gears then!

12:46 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Yeah right, gears are usually more cosmetic than substantial...

2:58 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kEV said...

Dammit! D80 is out now at an awesome price! Should have waited!

3:03 PM GMT+8  

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